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E Block
No 432
Once it gets more crowded, the DJ shows off his skills to his friends… People are having fun dancing.
E Block
No 911
Çakıl is ready for his night walk as his owner gets dressed, he waits by the door with his frisbee, however his owner convinces him it’s too dark and gently puts it back in his toy basket.
E Block
No 600
In the small but cozy studio, the friends are enjoying a wonderful gettogether after not seeing each other for a while.
D Block
No 610
Remembering she had to check the answering machine, the resident gets up from the couch. First the sound of a rewinding tape can be heard, followed by the warmth of his mother’s voice.
D Block
No 349
As the little boy embarks on his fairy tale dreams, smell of nail polish comes from the sister’s room.
D Block
No 599
The house becomes more quiet again as the parents watch baby Ege sleeping. Hand in hand, they cannot hide the happiness of their child’s birth.
C Block
No 758
Everyone enjoys a last toast to a prosperous partnership before leaving the Home Office silent.
C Block
No 422
Enjoying the movie shoulder to shoulder, the young couple’s cat is seen resting next to them with glazing eyes staring at the popcorn.
C Block
No 543
Once Ela is asleep, her parents enjoy a moment of peacefulness on their balcony.
B Block
No 701
Felt asleep in the living room, little Poyraz is carried to bed by the strongest person in the world. He is falling into the sweetest dreams as his mother kisses him good night.
B Block
No 815
Engaged into more deep-rooted conversations, they move over to the kitchen to continue catching up whilst cooking.
B Block
No 945
Once the parents leave, the young lady says “Let’s hang this painting on this wall, not that one”. Whilst her husband is holding the hammer and nails, she keeps going from one wall to another to see where it fits best.
A Block
No 1184
Wind can be heard breezing through the open terrace doors…
A Block
No 1257
The painter have some thoughts, but this time he decides to write them down instead of painting on the canvas. In the background of his studio, soft classical music is being played.
A Block
No 1361
Once all the kids are in bed, the parents enjoy a glass of wine on their terrace with a view over the islands. They tend to talk about work, before diverting into catching up on their kids.