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E Block
No 432
Barely keeping his eyes open, the resident pulls on a pair of sneakers and goes for a morning jog.
E Block
No 911
After a brief walk around the building, Çakıl eats his meal with a big appetite while watching his mistress getting ready for work.
E Block
No 600
With some gentle jazz in the background, the sound of water flows from the shower and aromatic vanilla flavored soap smellss warm up the studio.
D Block
No 610
Unlocking the door, the lady walks through the door with her hands full of groceries.
D Block
No 349
The youngest girl sleeps in and heads towards the pool when she wakes up.
D Block
No 599
After a long but happy first night in their new home, the couple prepares baby Ege for a new day.
C Block
No 758
While the phone rings and multiple mails are being sent in the “Office” part, a cake is being cooked in the “Home” part of this wonderful Home Office.
C Block
No 422
Quietly opening the bedroom door, the little hungry cat jumps onto the bed and wakes her mistress with its little nose.
C Block
No 543
As the doorbell rings, the kids rush to the door to greet their grandparents.
B Block
No 701
While the father leaves for work and the elder son for the school, the mother prepares some orange juice for her little son Poyraz.
B Block
No 815
Dark coffee can be smelled from the studio after a night full of acoustic guitar melody compositions.
B Block
No 945
The main door slowly opens, the young man hugs his wife, and laughter surrounds the apartment.
A Block
No 1184
Sounds of high heels of the fashion designer neighbor can be heard across the corridor, rushing to get to the elevators.
A Block
No 1257
Joyfully whistling a melody, the artist is wrapping up the painting he finished a couple of days ago.
A Block
No 1361
Sylvie prepares the twins to take them for a stroll in the park.