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E Block
No 432
“Ding dong”; the first party guests are slowly arriving.
E Block
No 911
Disappointed by her mistress which is getting late for home, Çakıl is seeking ways to annoy her, gathering all the laundry around the house from the laundry basket in the bathroom.
E Block
No 600
Neighbors are passing by now for some snacks and drinks, and are attentively listening to all the stories the traveler has to share.
D Block
No 610
As the sun sets, the young lady is about to come home anytime.
D Block
No 349
Pleasant chatting accompanies the tasty home meals in this house.
D Block
No 599
The neighbors came by to greet the new family and congratulate them for their new born son Ege.
C Block
No 758
The doorbell rings and the “Home” aspect of the Home Office is in motion.
C Block
No 422
Fiddling keys can be heard coming from the front door. The young lady gets up to welcome her husband. The house cat is happy everyone is home and seeks attention.
C Block
No 543
After a wonderful birthday party, the guests slowly start to leave. In a quieter environment, Ela sits down to tell her father about all her presents.
B Block
No 701
As the children and husband come home, the housewife diligently prepares the dinner table and the family starts to tell their daily stories by enjoying the supper.
B Block
No 815
Whilst reading his favorite book, the doorbell rings.
B Block
No 945
Whilst the ladies discuss how to best arrange the kitchen, the men are setting up the surround system in the living room.
A Block
No 1184
While the sun goes down, footsteps can be heard from the corridor, people are coming home from their long workdays.
A Block
No 1257
The painter’s son lives abroad; the time of the day has come for him to turn on his computer, set up his camera, and communicate with his beloved son.
A Block
No 1361
At supper, the family discusses and shares their daily happenings. The twins are refusing to finish their plates. What’s more enjoyable than a family diner?