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E Block
No 432
A message is sent out to all his friends with the respective address, building and apartment details.
E Block
No 911
Birds flying near by the windows of Block E agitate the dog who starts chasing them from one window to another.
E Block
No 600
He finally decides to unpack his luggage, throwing his dirty laundry in the washing machine and placing all his souvenirs across the studio.
D Block
No 610
The phone rings. No answer. The lady is currently at work.
D Block
No 349
The smell of a delicious meal come from the kitchen; the father is house chef here.
D Block
No 599
The new dad is walking Ege room by room by holding him tightly as he can barely open his tiny eyes.
C Block
No 758
After a successful project pitch, the architect, joined by her clients, move over to the “Home” section to have a celebrations toast.
C Block
No 422
The young lady is getting ready to go for a walk with her mother.
C Block
No 543
Cries of joy, loud music, and happy faces around the house as Ella joyfully opens her presents one by one.
B Block
No 701
She enjoys her last few hours alone at home by cooking her kids’ favorite meals. .
B Block
No 815
A light but hearty salad is being prepared with lettuce, chopped tomatoes and a dressing.
B Block
No 945
“The red lamp must go here” says the mother-in-law.
A Block
No 1184
In the afternoon, another family comes to visit the empty apartment. One of the kids is heard running into one of the bedrooms shouting, “This is my room!”.
A Block
No 1257
Grocery shopping is not far away, just had to run down to the next block.
A Block
No 1361
The older brother comes home from school and rushes to his room. The nanny starts preparing the family’s dinner while the twins enjoy their painting time that will last with a long deserved bath.